I was wondering what to write about this week. Since I haven’t been writing a lot technical stuff recently, I wanted to get back to this track, but I prefer to prepare for that instead of just writing something from the top of my head. So before I dive back into the tech world I’ll write a bit about a soft topic.

Very recently I’ve heard an opinion that we as Poles value consistency and reliability. I find it very true. Also those two features, even though they have their drawbacks, are very positive when I think about them.

In short it means that we do not commit to something that we won’t be able to deliver. Being consistent helps a lot when you work in the team. It is not easy to effectively co-operate with people that throw promises without willing to hold on it. Reliability helps a lot to build the trust in the team.

Even though it is great to not to overpromise and overcommit, it has its downsides as well. We can look like we are not willing to help. People that always say yes, even though they are not planning to help might seem nicer and more friendly. This might be fake, but in short term can help to achieve some goals for person doing that. By being realistic we often can be seen as unhelpful. Other thing is that often offering the help does not always mean somebody will really ask for it. So people that say yes, not meaning that, can get away with not helping and still be seen as helpful.

With all that said I think it might help only in achieving short term and shallow goals. I believe to build a valuable and meaningful relationships we need to base them on trust and mutual respect that comes from consistency and reliability. So I’m very happy my nation is seen this way and I’m glad I can build on that solid foundation that I got in my blood.